Congratulations to Isaac Frimpong, one of our volunteers in Lewisham, who has been selected as one of the 1,000 tennis coaches nationwide to deliver a Davis Cup Legacy programme.

Isaac is one of our longest-serving volunteers, having joined the Well Communities Delivery Team in 2012. He has always had a passion for tennis, which is something he believes should be made more affordable so that more young people in poorer areas start playing.

Isaac was awarded money from the Personal Support Training Package to complete his Level 2 tennis coaching training. He has since delivered free tennis sessions locally to youngsters and is delighted to have been accepted onto the Davis Cup programme.

‘This is a chance to pay back my local community and to say thank you to Well Communities for believing in me and helping me advance my tennis coaching skills’, he said.

The Davis Cup Legacy programme is designed to encourage more young people to take up tennis following Britain’s first Davis Cup win in nearly 80 years last December. It will partner up to 1,000 Level 2 qualified coaches with tennis clubs and leisure centres around the country to deliver 6 weeks of free tennis to children and young people in the summer.

It will fund equipment, venue and marketing costs as well as a one-day training session for the chosen coaches. There will also be an opportunity for additional funding if the sessions are a success.

Isaac is partnering with the local Downham Leisure Centre in Lewisham to run sessions in June and July. He is also looking to apply for a bursary through the centre to start additional sessions for adults.

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