Our Approach


Well London provides a framework for people and organisations to work together to improve health and well-being, build stronger local communities, and reduce inequalities.

Well London works at the very local, neighbourhood level. It supports communities to develop knowledge and skills so they can take action on the issues affecting their health and well-being. Very importantly, it also integrates with, strengthens and adds value to what is already going on locally, and helps organisations like local authorities and housing associations  develop more effective services to better meet local needs.

Well Communities comprises two suites of activities:

  • Heart of the Community projects that build skills and confidence. These focus on community engagement, training, local coordination, volunteering, and developing the skills of young people.
  • Themed projects developed around the needs and issues identified by each community. These can include activities to promote healthy eating, physical activity, mental health, employment, improved green spaces and culture and arts.

All activities are designed to be fun and welcoming, and they generate great energy and enthusiasm.

Rigorous monitoring and evaluation run alongside Well Communities in order to build an evidence base and enable the approach to be refined and improved.